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Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip is meant to be attached to the Handpiece of a Thermage device so that the periorbital region can be successfully treated.

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Buy THERMAGE® 0.25CM² online

Thermage CPT is an energy-based skin rejuvenating device that is designed by Solta Medical for the purpose of smoothening and contouring skin displaying unattractive signs of aging like fine lines, inelasticity, and loss of contours. This device produces radiofrequency (RF) heat energy that helps to repair damaged collagen fibers and regenerate stronger collagen fibers to bring about more youthful-looking skin. Any Thermage Treatment Tip can deliver the heat energy produced by this device to the skin; these membrane tips are pre-set to deliver certain amounts of heat energy before they need to be disposed away. Thermage 0.25cm² Eye Tip is one such Treatment Tip and is specifically designed to smoothen and tighten the upper and lower eyelids to get rid of fine lines and sagginess. This medical device is marketed by Bausch & Lomb.

Main Benefits

Buy THERMAGE® 0.25CM² online EYE renowned for its innovative technology from which it takes its name: Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT). This technology’s mechanism mimics that of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) therapy. To this point, Comfort Pulse Technology (CPT) not only delivers collagen-stimulating heat energy to the skin, it also releases bursts of cryogen to soothe and protect the skin. Besides that, patients can be safely and effectively treated using this the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-approved medical device, as the heat energy it generates is noninvasive and non-ablative. Therefore, patients who are not keen on aesthetic treatment modalities that involve surgery (e.g. facelift) or injections (e.g. soft tissue fillers, botulinum toxin) can be successfully treated using Thermage CPT. Since the treatment procedure with this device is nonsurgical, the associated downtime is also much shorter compared to many alternative aesthetic treatments. Additionally, skin improvements caused by a treatment with Thermage CPT also last longer, as it causes the skin to be revitalized from within. Just a single treatment session with this device is enough to deliver beautiful-looking results that can last for a couple of years, making treatment with Thermage CPT very economical for patients.

How do I use this product?

Before you perform a skin tightening procedure with a Thermage device and this Treatment Tip, it is imperative that you evaluate your patient’s medical status to ensure that he or she is suitable for the treatment session. As per aseptic medical standards, commence the session by cleaning and disinfecting the proposed treatment region first. After placing the Return Pad and Skin Marking Grid Paper and applying some Coupling Fluid, you may start the treatment. Once 450 pulses of heat energy and intermittent cryogen bursts have been delivered to the skin, stop the procedure and discard the used membrane tip.

When should I use this product?

You should use this Class II energy-based medical device to correct the lower and upper eyelids that are marred with signs of aging like sagginess, fine lines, and crow’s feet. Patients who are reluctant to receive dermal filler implantation and/or a botulinum toxin injection (or injections) can also be treated using Thermage therapy.

What areas can I treat with this product?

Buy THERMAGE® 0.25CM² online is meant to be attached to the Handpiece of a Thermage device so that the periorbital region can be successfully treated. Its small heating area with its shallow and precise heating profile make it ideal for treating the lower and upper eyelids safely and effectively.

How long does the product last?

While the aesthetic results of a treatment with a Thermage device and this Treatment Tip are usually noticeable immediately after the treatment session, patients will only notice significant skin-beautifying effects about two to six months after the initial session. These improvements should then last for at least a few years, depending on patient’s age, skin, health status, and lifestyle choices.

How long does the treatment take?

It may take about 20 minutes to two hours to complete a single Buy THERMAGE® 0.25CM² online session. However, the exact treatment time can vary, depending on the type of membrane tip chosen and the severity of skin condition.


Where can I order this product for my medical spa?

You can order Thermage devices, their accessories, and many other medical products from us at . If you are yet to be our member, we urge you to create an online account to enjoy countless membership benefits. Once your account has been registered and verified, you can place an order online or by phone, fax, or email.

Why should I order this product?

Order this Treatment Tip from Medical SpaRX to ensure the best treatment for your patients.

Who would be interested in buying this treatment at my medical spa?

Patients with signs of aging on their lower and upper eyelids like fine lines, crow’s feet, and skin sagginess may be interested to try out Thermage therapy with this Treatment Tip.

What side effects can this product cause?

Following a treatment session with this Treatment Tip, patients may experience common dermal reactions such as swelling, pain, and temporary redness. Read this product’s package insert and educate your patients about all possible secondary reactions before obtaining their consents for treatment.

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    Really enjoying using, do it at night, then rub on my Vit C serum

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